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Are you tired of dealing with small monthly or yearly checks?
  If you own small mineral interest it’s usually advantageous to sell them and reinvest the cash into other assets.  

P2 Minerals is a Father and Son company from Oklahoma.  We buy oil and gas mineral interest and royalties, large or small.  We mostly buy properties in Oklahoma but will evaluate properties from any state. 

Don't know for sure what you have?  Just contact us, we can evaluate and explain what you have.  From there we can make you an offer.  At that point you can decide to sell or not.  Either way you'll know more about your interest or have cash on hand. 

Not sure if you want to sell?  Check out the "Why Sell" page for information on selling.  It doesn't cost to shop around and research.  Each individual has unique circumstances sometimes it is right to sell and sometimes it's not.

We can also educate you about your interest at no charge to you.  Often we have people who just want to know what’s going on at their land.  Free Estimates!

Our business model is "Keep it simple" That’s how we, as individuals – not a large company, are able to buy interest where we come to a win-win situation for both us and the seller.


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