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Oil rig with water features


Listed below are some of the reasons our customers have decided to sell:

  • Payout/Need for Cash:  Most people are tired of dealing with small monthly checks or very small checks paid once or twice a year.  If you would like to have all your money at once this is the deal for you.

  • Depleting Asset:  Some interest owners want their money to reinvest in other investments. It’s like mining. The more you dig out, the less mineral in the ground. Selling interest can provide you with cash for other investments that will grow overtime
    instead of depleting.

  • Estate Planning:  Mineral & Royalty interest can complicate an individuals estate after death. Split properties can have little value and a great deal of paperwork to transfer to heirs.

  • Division of Interest:  Back 50 years ago leaving your mineral interest or royalties to your children or heirs was a great idea. Many generations later this once large interest that paid a hefty monthly check has been divided up so much that the present day heirs are barely receiving one check a year. The interest gets less and less with every division. For more information on Fractionalization see NARO’s article.

  • Cost:  In addition, the legal cost or costs to maintain the property may total more than the value of the property itself. Selling your mineral interest may be for you if the income is not a large part of your income.

The ultimate questions a lot of sellers have for us are:

"If my small interest isn't valuable to me then how is it valuable to you?"

"If you think we should sell you our depleting mineral interest and invest in something not depleting
then why do you want to buy them?"

The answer is simple. We pair your interest with other small interest we already
have. Together as a whole they are profitable. We never resell or split the interest. We put the interest back together as a whole, so to say, reversing fractionalization.

Oil rig with water features
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